CryptoBlades An Ultimate Guide To Best Blockchain Game

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CryptoBlades An Ultimate Guide To Best Blockchain Game

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Home / Blog / CryptoBlades: An Ultimate Guide To Best Blockchain Game

CryptoBlades: An Ultimate Guide To Best Blockchain Game

CryptoBlades An Ultimate Guide To Best Blockchain Game
Home / Blog / CryptoBlades: An Ultimate Guide To Best Blockchain Game

CryptoBlades: An Ultimate Guide To Best Blockchain Game

CryptoBlades An Ultimate Guide To Best Blockchain Game

Gaming has always been one of the best applications of blockchain-based technology. The play-to-earn gaming sector proliferates with a powerful concept within the cryptocurrency industry. CryptoBlades is one of the best games based on NFT roleplaying and blockchain technology. The non-fungible tokens, with the help of the gaming sector, are reaching another level of success, legitimizing a new segment in the crypto space.

This new game is drawing the attention of thousands of new users each day. Initially, it was operating on the BNB Chain, but later to attain transaction efficiency and improved user experience, the game began expanding its roots to other secure networks. As a result, the game is also named the Most Valuable Builder in the BNB Chain incubation program. Do you also wish to be a part of this game? Then stay tuned and read through the article to get complete knowledge of this game.

What Is CryptoBlades?

It is a creative web and blockchain-based NFT roleplaying game which was first deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Network. The developer of this innovation is Riveted Games. However, it brings into the limelight multiple mechanisms that set the benchmarks for future developments and trends in the play-to-earn sector.

Starting its journey from Binance Smart Chain, the game is expanding towards other secured networks. This is because it aims to achieve transaction efficiency and improve the gameplay experience by maximizing the number of players. Presently, the game is available on the following networks:

  • HECO blockchain
  • OEC Chain
  • Avalanche
  • Aurora
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon

At the game’s core, there is a reward system that enables the players to earn the SKILL tokens after defeating the enemies. With these earnings, the players can acquire extra characters based on various elements, forge unique weapons such as non-fungible tokens, reforge weapons for increasing the overall power trading on the marketplace or withdraw the tokens completely. The Binance Smart Chain Scan data shows over 360,000 holders of the native token of the game, SKILL.

Who Are The Creators Of CryptoBlades?

The game development studio behind the creation of the CryptoBlades game is Riveted Games. The studio came into existence in 2014 with some prominent members. These prominent members of the studio are:

  • Philip Devine (owner of Riveted Games and CEO at CryptoBlades)
  • Daniel Karsai (the lead game developer)
  • Kyle Kemp (the lead front-end developer)
  • Nick Newcomer (chief operating officer)
  • David Diebels (chief financial officer)
  • Aaron Hutton (chief marketing officer).

The Basics Of GamePlay

The game is based on the web and blockchain technology. As such, you will not have to download any client. Instead, you can directly play the game from the web browser itself. However, before diving into the in-depth pool of gameplay knowledge, you must know that you will be playing the game using the Binance Smart Chain network. But still, there are many more secure and efficient networks available for this game with minimum transaction costs.

To begin with the CryptoBlades universe, you will first have to install Metamask, Coinbase Wallet or any other supporting wallets of your choice. Once you are done with this, set up the Binance Smart Chain and make an initial deposit of Binance Coins. After this, go to the game’s official webpage and tap on the Enter Game button. After tapping on the Enter button, the screen shall allow you to select your preferred network. Post this, and you will need the SKILL to start your gaming. For this, visit the ApeSwap exchange, a popular decentralized exchange where you can swap your Binance Coins for SKILL.

What Are The Characters Of the CryptoBlades Game?

Minting of characters is an essential aspect of the game. At the time of its launch, the worth of creating the first character was nearly 0.6185 SKILL. However, after the Dynamic Minting Update’s release, this price will likely rise with time. Jano Lemesprie and Flip Osresp are this game’s first two minted characters. The active screen for seeing the players is known as a plaza. There is a space for four characters only.

Who Are The Creators Of CryptoBlades

However, the team, soon after the launch of the game, introduced the Garrison feature. In this, you can have multiple characters and select only the ones you want as active characters in the game. To send any of your characters to Garrison, you must click on the three dots of your character card and select the option there. On the top of each of your characters, you will notice an extraordinary element. These elements are a fundamental part of the gameplay and are fundamental to the player-versus-player action.

Important Statistics According To The CryptoBlades Review

The Elements

The game includes four essential elements. These are:

  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Lightening and
  • Water

All game characters have a unique element hanging on their top. These elements are particular because they tend to increase or decrease the chances of your success in the battle. Here is what you need to consider before you select your opponents for the game.

  1. Fire upstages Earth but is weak to water.
  2. Earth upstages Lightning but is weak to fire.
  3. Lightning upstages water but is weak to Earth.
  4. Water upstages fire but is weak to Lightning.


Stamina is one of the essential statistics to consider when playing CryptoBlades. It tends to regenerate by one every five minutes. The starting stamina of every battle is 200. You can use all your 200 stamina in one game to establish your success. To maximize your gains, you can play your battle at an interval of 40 stamina.


The starting power of every character is 1000 PWR. There is a question mark symbol beside the power, and this question mark gives additional information about power. Power is the measure of the character’s strength. If you play a battle with a character opponent of less power, you are likely to win the battle and vice versa.

Weapons Of CryptoBlades

In this roleplaying game, weapons are the essential NFTs that a player can own. As a player, you can hold multiple weapons yourself. However, there is a price associated with the weapons. You can check these prices in the blacksmith section of the game screen. Every weapon has its element, which increases its strength versus the weaker element opponents and vice versa.

Weapons Of CryptoBlades

To increase your odds of winning the Combat, you can combine weapons matching your character based on their element. Every weapon comes with several stars, from one to five. According to the CryptoBlades review, the chances of forging weapons are as follows:

  • One star: 44%
  • Two stars: 35%
  • Three-star: 15%
  • Four stars: 5%
  • Five stars: 1%


Now moving forward to combat mode, you can battle with creatures of the CryptoBlades universe. In this screen mode, you will be able to find all the necessary information regarding your opponent and also equip different weapons of your choice. Moreover, it also points out matches which you are likely to win. But at the same time, you get fewer rewards than the ones that are more challenging to win. Hence, only you can determine the level of risk you want to withhold.

The Arena

The Arena is the entrance to the PvP mode in this NFT game. It shall cost you around 3.99 SKILL to enter the Arena. In this place, you can attack as well as being attacked. Leaving the Arena shall cost you 0.9975 SKILL. These wagers shall vary based on the chain you use and can also be lower than the ones displayed on the screen.

Further, you get SKILL rewards and ranking points whenever you win a battle against your opponent. However, you will be matched with your opponents randomly. Another point of consideration is that Arena does not need stamina. Instead, it is divided into character levels: 1 through 10 and 11 through 20.

How To Play CryptoBlades Game?

Before playing this NFT roleplaying game, you must create a Binance account and set up a Metamask wallet. Followed by this, abide by the below-mentioned steps and move forward.

How To Play CryptoBlades Game

  1. Connect CryptoBlades to your Metamask wallet. Here you will be able to see how much SKILL you will need for recruiting a character.
  2. Now, go to the Binance exchange application and purchase Binance Coins.
  3. Enter the Metamask address and send our Binance Coins to your Metamask wallet.
  4. After this, go to ApeSwap or Pancake Swap and connect it to your Metamask wallet.
  5. Enter the amount of Binance Coins here and swap the same with SKILL.
  6. After completing the SKILL, return to the plaza and recruit your first character. You will receive a starter character with a random element and a one-star weapon.
  7. And now, you can head towards Combat and start fighting your battle against your opponent.

What Are The Tokenomics Of CryptoBlades?

SKILL is the primary token when we talk about the NFT roleplaying game or CryptoBlades review. The players get leverage of acquiring items, participating in the Arena, entering raids, battling monsters, and many more. However, you can designate the amount of SKILL by following the mentioned scheme.

  • IDO: 35%
  • GamePlay incentives: 35%
  • Development: 20%
  • Initial liquidity: 15%
  • Liquidity incentives: 10%

The total cumulative supply of SKILL coins is 1,000,000.

The Bottom Line

CryptoBlades is one of the leading NFT games in the blockchain ecosystem. The game’s design is easy to understand, following a familiar role model for the players. It makes the users quickly grasp the rules and regulations of the game. Further, the PvP action of the game is quite addicting for the users. Even though the rewards from this game are not significant, it is easy to see the use of gas-efficient blockchain technology.

The initial requirement to begin the game on the Binance Smart Chain might appear steep, but you can also go for any other efficient network per your choice. Similar to the Binance exchange is a soon-to-be-launched crypto trading platform, The platform has an intuitive and friendly user interface and allows trading multiple crypto coins. As such, the exchange is seeking its brand ambassador. So, if you also wish to put your NFTs to work and amaze your bored Ape, participate in their Bored Ape Audition today!


1. Who is the founder of CryptoBlades?

The founder of CryptoBlades is the owner of Riveted Games, Philip Devine.

2. Can we use any other network for playing this game?

Yes, you can select any other secure network for playing this NFT game apart from the BSC.

3. Is it necessary to use Coinbase wallet only?

No, it is not essential to use the Coinbase Wallet only. You can use any other wallet which supports this game.

4. Which exchanges support swapping of BNB for SKILL?

For swapping BNB Coins to SKILL, you can take the help of the ApeSwap exchange or Pancake Swap exchange.

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